Core Values

Student Housing Operators


To create happiness for our residents, clients and employees through clear communication and world-class customer service.


We believe that our mission statement offers a simple but important formula which has proven key to our success. We recognize that this formula applies to more than just our clientele – it’s vital for everyone involved, including you as a team member, to ultimately be happy. If at any point in your experience with Redstone you find yourself unable to fulfill the Mission Statement promise or you feel that we are not fulfilling our promise to you, please let us know.


Belief is the most powerful force on earth. We set high expectations for ourselves and high expectations for each other. To be successful at Redstone, we need to believe in ourselves, our team members, our properties, and our company. Believe in yourself and in your ability to create change. Believers have energy, enthusiasm, vision, and will self-generate what it takes to get the job done. Pessimism, cynicism, and negativity are toxic to our environment of performance and don’t belong in our organization.


The amount of trust placed in us cannot be overstated. Clients and investors trust us with large amounts of money – often, their life savings. Our residents trust us as being caretakers and facilitators of experiences and connections that will change their lives. As employees, we trust each other to create opportunities for the team, to pull more than our own weight, and to lead each other to success.


What we do is challenging – physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is the reason that we stand out and are sought after – we do hard things. Where others have often failed, we will succeed. In the words of Winston Churchill, we pursue “Victory at all costs – victory in spite of all terror – victory.


At Redstone, we tell people what we will do, we do it, and then we report back. Our success depends on communicating clearly. We set appropriate expectations in our communication, and strive to over deliver. When we encounter difficulties with others, we express issues openly, honestly, and respectfully. Words matter, and we seek to use inevitable conflict as a means to build stronger relationships.


Our ability to create and manage change effectively is the only thing that will keep us in business in the long term. We have the chance to create your own success and your own reality. Nothing stands in the way of making your situation better for you and those around you. Never accept the status quo as “good enough.” There is always room for improvement, there is always something that can be done better. In our organization, no job is beneath us – we maintain a mantra of “all hands on deck.” When stress and problems set in, we don’t succumb to fear and paralysis – we get moving towards a solution.


We admire excellence wherever we see it – from a community assistant or customer service technician who goes the extra mile, to a community manager that blows away expectations on leasing and budget. We do the best that we can, and expect more from ourselves each day. Whether or not we are asked, we will create excellent results. Whatever is happening in the market, to the firm, or to us personally, we will be best-in-class at what we do. As sure as the basic laws of physics, we know that in the long-run, excellence both on the team member level and the company level will be rewarded.